Daralene Jones is leaving NBC10 and returning to her old station, WFTV, in Florida. I hear that Jones is returning down South to be with her husband, who she married in July, garnerning a coveted mention in the New York Times wedding section. They did the long distance thing but they would rather be together.

Jones has been with NBC10 since December 2012.

NBC10 News Director Anziio Williams sent out a note about Jones:


She covered the abduction of a 5-year old, the center city building collapse, the Boston Marathon bombings, Oklahoma City tornadoes and the DC Navy Yard shooting.

She became an advocate in editorial meetings for the kids of the Philadelphia Schools.

During one of the snowiest winters ever she broke a record for airport live shots – All in the name of staying DRY.

She became engaged to be married and that famous NYC newspaper showcased her wedding.

The question I am tired of:  With or without the glasses?

I am truly sad to say that after a year Daralene Jones is returning Orlando, Florida.

I respect and admire Daralene's decision to be with her husband.

If the next year is as exciting for Daralene as the last year, I am sure we will all hear about it.

Daralene will be with us through the end of May Sweeps.

For the record, as someone who is visually-challenged myself, I always appreciated Jones' trendy specs.