Delaware County Times columnist Neal Zoren writes that if CBS 3 anchor Alycia Lane is convicted of assaulting a NYPD officer, she is not a criminal, rather "just someone who had a moment of hot-headedness, possibly fueled by the libations typical to night out in New York."

Lane's attorney, errr, Zoren continues, "Yet, that hot-headed moment could land her in jail, where, frankly she does not belong, guilty or not, the "victim" being a police officer or not. As for the gay slur, allegedly calling the allegedly assaulted police officer a "dyke," it's not pretty, but in a moment of anger, people go for the jugular."

Zoren writes that while "the general belief is police have no interest in lying...This kind of belief is dangerous. Police are often found to have lied to move a case forward or to make their case."

Lane of course is charged with assaulting a female NYPD officer during a 2 a.m. Dec. 18 altercation in Manhattan. She spent more than 12 hours in jail following her arrest, which was first reported here. She is also alleged, according to the NYPD arrest report, to have called the officer a "fucking dyke." Lane's attorney has said his client denies using such language or striking the officer.

Fortunately, the New York Criminal Court system, not Zoren, will work out Lane's fate She's got an April 3 hearing date, but legal community sources say the case will likely be settled by then.