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Doc Watson's Pub under agreement of sale

"I never put the pub on the market, but when the offer came I just felt maybe it's time for me to fade into the sunset," says Barry Sandrow, the longtime owner of Doc Watson's Pub (216 S. 11th).

Sandrow yesterday signed an agreement of sale with a few local buyers he declined to identify. They must now get financing, as well as approval from the state Liquor Control Board, to operate the bar.

"This time I'm selling the whole works, lock, stock and barrel," said Sandrow. "This time I'm going out. I guess I'm just getting old," says Sandrow, 77, whose long list of past doormen includes boxer/actor Randall "Tex" Cobb, comedian Dom Irrera and Villanova basketball star Fran O'Hanlon, now coaching at Lafayette.