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Duane Swierczynski resigns as City Paper editor

Updated with new information...


gave notice today that Feb. 15 he'll be leaving the weekly that he's run since October 2004. Swierczynski told us moments ago that he's leaving to focus more on the mystery novels that he now writes only on nights and weekends. His latest, "The Blonde," is out from St. Martin's Minotaur. Swierczynski tells us he didn't want to shortchange the paper or any other part of his career and the new schedule will allow him more time with wife

,  son

, 5, and daughter,

, 4. The Northeast resident is also now writing a new title "CABLE" for Marvel Comics. The book, in the "X-Men" family debuts next month.


says he'll announce a permanent replacement tomorrow. He would neither confirm nor deny information we received that senior editor

has the gig. But we won't be surprised if that's the name he reveals tomorrow.