Last week, jazz lovers around town were given a new venue to hear live music, and Mayor Nutter was there to cut the proverbial ribbon for some longtime friends.

South (600 N. Broad St.) is the latest concept from brothers Robert and Benjamin Bynum, who owned the former Zanzibar Blue - where Nutter courted his wife, Lisa. The Bynums also own Warmdaddy's (1600 S. Columbus Blvd.) and the politically popular Relish restaurant (7152 Ogontz Ave.).

Robert Bynum, who's called Nutter his best friend for the past 40 years, said the two met in ninth grade at St. Joseph's Prep, became fast friends and went on to college together at the University of Pennsylvania.

Back in the day, Nutter worked for the Bynums' father at then-club Impulse, at Broad Street and Germantown Avenue. Although he dabbled on the turntables, he said it was dirty work that mostly kept him busy.

"We were the guys who cleaned that place," Nutter said. "We were guys who took out the trash."

"Michael and/or the city have played up this DJ thing," said Bynum. "But it was carrying ice, doing the grunge work [that] he learned to really work hard there - not being in the limelight - and worked his way up."

The new jazz spot and restaurant South will feature live music seven nights a week.