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"Ghost Hunters" investigating/shooting at Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo is haunted, say staffers who are glad that they may soon have some understanding of what spirit or spirits could inhabit America's oldest zoo. The SyFy Network's "Ghost Hunters" will shoot at the zoo tomorrow and Thursday nights, investigating several areas where workers have reported flickering lights or apparitions.

The locations include Solitude House, which John Penn, grandson of William Penn, built in 1784 and which formerly housed reptiles; the Penrose building, which used to be a research laboratory and vet hospital; and the Shelly building, now used for zoo administration. "We feel very strongly that there is some sort of haunting here, and we're looking forward to finding out what," says Kirsten Wilf, marketing specialist for the zoo. Wilf says that Jody McNeil Lewis, vice chair of the board, had the idea to contact "Ghost Hunters."

Wilf says that employees have seen only human forms. No animal spirits are thought to be haunting the premises. Lewis, who is among those who have seen evidence of hauntings, is to be interviewed, as are revenue-control supervisor Will Gonzalez and primate keeper Desiree Haneman. Zoo chief operating officer Andy Baker will lead the show's cameras on their tour of the zoo.

A SyFy spokeswoman says the episode will air in the fall.

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