Did City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson accuse his challenger in the 2nd District of being "the white man" having a "plantation mentality"?

That's what it sounds like in a video posted over the weekend by Chris Sawyer's Philadelinquency.

Johnson spoke to a group of constituents recently at Myers Recreation Center (5803 Kingsessing Ave.) and is heard referring to "a little petty threat" of $1 million - the figure that sources say IBEW Local 98 business manager John Dougherty allegedly promised he'd spend to unseat the councilman.

Johnson also clearly says that "the white man tell you you can't run for office . . . " and "he don't run this city . . . "

I'm not quite sure what he's referring to, but real-estate developer Ori Feibush, his challenger for the 2nd District, declined to comment on the video.