LeSean "Shady" McCoy lived up to his nickname Saturday night when he embarked on a Twitter battle with his baby mama, calling her names and insisting his followers also harass her on the social media site.
A few hours later, the Eagles running back took town his Twitter page entirely.
First he laughably posted he was "hacked."
The baby mama drama all began when McCoy innocently tweeted that he was in Puerto Rico on vacation. This led to a number of replies from @Angelface0330, whose account is still active, about the fact that McCoy is not enough involved with their son  who was born in April, according to the woman named Steph's Twitter profile.
With varying levels of profanity, Steph said McCoy has herpes, mocked his penis size, said his good friend had sex with his current girlfriend and also suggested that McCoy had recently performed oral sex on her in efforts to avoid child support payments.
McCoy replied that Steph was a "Broke bum" and a "nobody" who was trying to make her name off their son and told his followers to "Tell @Angelface0330 to get a job n stop begging for child support money she a BUM needs me to LIVE sad!!!"
He also said "I hit u n a week without knowing ya name .. My son the only reason u have a life u broke stop frontn on IG ...U BUM."
If we may translate: McCoy says he had sex with this woman less than a week after they met and he didn't know her name. He suggests she's casting aspersions and inaccuracies on the social media site Instagram.
While obviously neither party needed to publicly attack the other and drag a baby into the fray, we sincerely doubt that McCoy was forced into having unprotected sex with this woman.
Perhaps it's time the Eagles, and all major sports teams finally add Condom Instructor or even a Pulling-Out Coordinator to their coaching rosters.
Reps for McCoy were not immediately available for comment Sunday. Steph, who continues to tweet about the matter, also did not return our inquiry.