NBC10 reporter Mike Strug, who has worked on Philadelphia television for more than 40 years, is retiring Friday.
“I accepted a buyout that I’m very happy with,” Strug told us earlier tonight. “I’m in a position where I would have retired at the end of my contract anyway, in about a year-and-a-half. I couldn’t have planned it any better,” he said.
Strug, 66, who grew up in Logan, and attended Olney High before Temple University, says he “was fortunate to have worked in my hometown all along.”
He started his career at Channel 6 from 1966-1978, worked at Channel 3 from ‘78 to ‘89 and has been with NBC10 since 1990.
“I’m not gonna sit around fishing, but I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do,” says Strug about his future. He says his friend 6ABC’s John Rawlins once told him, “You stumbled into a career that exactly fits your attention span,” because he got to do a different story every day.
Strug’s girlfriend Andrea Leerman told him not to say he’s retiring, but “exploring other options.” He’s known her since they were teens. She was a friend of his late wife Carole, the mother of his two children.