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NBC execs get trained in Comcast culture

While Jack Donaghy mocked Comcast deal on 30 Rock, real NBC execs were in Philadelphia to learn Comcast culture.

Here's an interesting case of art mocking life while life imitates art. Follow us here:

On Thursday's "30 Rock," which dealt with NBC being bought by a cable company, Alec Baldwin's character Jack Donaghy laughed off the notion, asking "How could a company from Philadelphia buy a company from New York?"

Of course in real life Comcast not long ago aquired an ownership stake of NBC Universal and as it happens, on Thursday, NBC execs were in Philadelphia at the Comcast Center learning about Comcast culture.

As part of the orientation PBS host Charlie Rose traveled down from New York to interview Comcast co-founders Ralph Roberts and Julian Brodsky. The NBC execs, who bunked at the Four Seasons, also stayed around Friday for another full day of meetings. NBC boss Jeff Zucker was there Friday.