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New mug shot of "Hipster Grifter," now jailed in Philly

Kari Ferrell, who is wanted in Salt Lake City for passing bad checks, turned herself into Philadelphia police Sunday night. Ferrell, 22, became known as "The Hipster Grifter," after former Philadelphia Weekly staffer Doree Shafrir wrote about her last month in the New York Observer. The piece described Ferrell, a former Vice magazine employee, scamming her way through Brooklyn, telling friends she was terminally ill, and preying on their good intentions. Ferrell was arrested at 11th & Market at 10:45 p.m. Sunday after calling police to tell them she was wanted in Salt Lake City, Utah and to come and arrest her, police spokesman Sergeant Ray Evers confirmed earlier today. She's currently incarcerated at a city prison on State Rd. and must appear before a judge to authorize her extradition to Utah, Evers said. After that, authorities from Utah could come to retrieve her and transport her back to that jurisdiction. In several online video postings and e-mails to the Observer and to Gawker, the fugitive Ferrell admitted her mistakes and apologized.

Since posting this item 20 minutes ago, we've already heard from several regular PhillyGossip readers demanding we post a link to a few topless and most likely NSFW photos of Ferrell. Here it is.

UPDATE: Ferrell is now being held on $250,000 and faces an extradition hearing at 9 a.m. May 15 in Courtroom 504 of the Criminal Justice Center. Once a judge grants extradition, Salt Lake City authorities can bring her back to Utah.