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Vai to Danny: Let's Dance

NBC10 sports director

says he’d

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if promoter

selects him to face off against Bonaduce in a celebrity boxing event Jan. 19 at the Marple Sports Arena.

We told you

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that the former “Partridge Family” actor-turned-radio host-turned recovering addict-turned reality TV star was seeking a challenger and was very confident in his fighting skills. Sikahema’s a trained fighter but hasn’t boxed in 30 years, since he was 15. Sikahema says he knows Bonaduce’s a loose cannon, but he’s not scared. Broomall-born Bonaduce suggests that Sikahema’s former career as a special teams player in the NFL means that he’s “from the Special Olympics,” and hopes that he’ll “take his helmet off before he gets in the ring."

While Bonaduce admits he’s scared of fighting a pro athlete, the 48 year old

says “I’m from Philly, I’ll fight anybody."

Feldman has yet to commit to Sikahema and holds another open-call for contenders from 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday at R.P McMurphy’s (2623 MacDade) in Holmes. There’s a $50 registration fee. Bonaduce’s challenger will receive $1,000.

Sikahema says if he’s selected he’ll donate his fight fee to charity. A portion of proceeds from the fight night will benefit Children's Hospital of Philadelphia