NBC 10's Vince DeMentri picked a good week for vacation. The 4 p.m. anchor was previously scheduled off this week; however, in his absence, the station is figuring out how to handle some type of off-air situation that led to DeMentri's being kept off his scheduled shifts last Thursday and Friday following a meeting with news director Chris Blackman. "He is on vacation," said a station spokeswoman yesterday, declining to comment on what happened last week or on when DeMentri may return to the air. The anchor, who is known to have a hot temper, was suspended for a week in 2006 after nearly coming to blows with meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz.

UPDATE: For the past two Thursdays news trucks have been chasing rumors that Larry Mendte would be making a court appearance and now there are news trucks outside the Lower Merion Police Station in Ardmore where DeMentri is rumored to be turning himself in today in relation to an alleged incident in the parking lot of NBC 10's Bala Cynwyd headquarters. The incident is believed to have involved DeMentri possibly vandalizing reporter/anchor Lori Delgado's car. The anchor had been planning a Jamaican getaway, but sources tell us he did not leave the country and is still in the area. DeMentri and Delgado, who is married, have in the past enjoyed a particularly close friendship. In May 2007 we reported that DeMentri was in the process of a divorce from QVC host wife Pat James DeMentri.  Delgado could not immediately be reached for comment and DeMentri has not returned voicemails left on his cell phone. Lower Merion Police have not returned a request for information over a police report which sources tell us was recently filed over the alleged incident. A station spokeswoman this morning declined to comment on whether DeMentri had vandalized Delgado's car.

UPDATE: Lower Merion Township spokeswoman Brenda Viola said this afternoon that she could not say there was not an investigation into an incident in the NBC 10 parking lot, but said if there had been one it would be over and she did not expect DeMentri to either be arrested or turn himself in over the matter. "This is now a non-issue," Viola said. A Lower Merion Police official just told news crews they should leave as there is no story to be found.