The first trailer for "God's Pocket," one of Philip Seymour Hoffman's final films, was released online today.

The movie, directed by "Mad Men's" John Slattery, is based on the novel by former Daily News columnist Pete Dexter, based on his time as a longtime columnist in the city. The titular neighborhood is based on the Devil's Pocket in South Philly. Despite its setting, the film was not shot here.

"Six Feet Under's" Richard Jenkins plays the Dexter surrogate, a columnist at the fictional Daily Times, who starts to sniff around the suspicious death of a young man who supposedly falls to death at a construction site. Hoffman plays the young man's stepfather, while "Mad Men's" Christina Hendricks plays the young man's mother.

The film is scheduled to hit select theaters May 9, and will be available on VOD the week after.