Wired 96.5's Justice has been selected to box Broomall-born "Patridge Family" actor Danny Bonaduce on Jan. 19 at the Marple Sports Arena. As we reported Tuesday, NBC10's Vai Sikahema was also among those who applied to get in the ring with Bonaduce, but Justice, producer of the Chio in the Morning show, got the nod when promoter Damon Feldman selected a challenger last night. Justice, who grew up in the projects in the Bronx and got into lots of street-fights as a kid, is pretty confident. "He doesn't have a shot in the ring with me," Justice says. "I'm gonna knock him down two or three times at least, it's up to him whether he wants to get up." Justice says he's had beef with Bonaduce since meeting him at a radio industry convention several years ago. "I went up to him as a colleague cause I think he's he's a super-talented radio dude. He thought I was just a fan trying to get an autograph. He was such a fuckin' douchebag to me I wanted to punch him in the face right then."

             While Justice, born Justin Scheman, weighs 220, he says he'll get down to 205 for the fight. The pair will square off with headgear in three one-minute rounds. There are six other matches on the card. For more info, or tickets, e-mail damonfeldman@hotmail.com.