Notable stories from around the Web that we're reading this morning.

1) Philadelphia's most influential charter-school advocates claim 40,000 city students are on waiting lists for seats. But as Daniel Denvir of City Paper reports, it's not clear if the number has any basis in reality.

2) Cohousing developments — housing units organized around a central communal living hub — have been gaining traction as a way to provide shared, environmentally friendly housing. A cohousing group in Philadelphia, Wissahickon Village Cohousing, is set to become the first in Pennsylvania. Its members are converting a former church in Mount Airy. But at $350,000 for a three-bedroom apartment, who can afford to buy in? Alexis Stephens explains for NextCity.

3) With a fictional encyclopedia of imaginary diseases, a Penn oncologist gives Borges and Moliere a run for the money. By the way, the form of amnesia that makes everyone forget about you? It has a name. Read Peter Crimmins' story at
4) "Advantaged" students spend 5.7 hours a week doing homework. "Disadvantaged" kids spend only 4.1 hours. All of this has an impact on student performance, reveals the Annals of the Obvious, uh, Education Today. Why the difference? Studies suggest it's because advantaged parents provide a quiet place to study at home and convey positive messages about schooling. 

- Sam Wood