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5 key stories about the Cosby case this year

Prosecutors in Montgomery County are announcing their decision Wednesday regarding filing charges against Bill Cosby in connection with an alleged 2004 sexual assault at his Cheltenaham mansion.

The victim, former Temple University employee Andrea Constand, filed a civil suit against Cosby, which was settled in 2006.

If you're just getting up to speed on the case, here are five key stories to read from this year about the Cosby probe in Montgomery County:

1. Cosby said he got drugs to give woman for sex: Cosby testified that he gave powerful sedatives to a 19-year-old woman in 1976 before the two had what he described as consensual sex, according to newly unsealed court filings. The statement was made during a deposition as part of the lawsuit filed by Constand. Cosby's deposition in the case was unsealed in July, despite objections from the comedian's lawyers. The unsealing of the deposition helped bring renewed spotlight to the mounting allegations of sexual assault against Cosby.

2. Time hasn't run out on possible charges against Cosby in Pa.: As dozens of women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct by Cosby, their claims were all united by one undisputed fact: The allegations were too old to prosecute. But that's not the case for Constand's accusations. Under Pennsylvania's 12-year statute of limitations for felony offenses, Montgomery County prosecutors have until January to file charges.

3. Sources: Cosby seeking a top defense lawyer: Representatives of the actor-comedian were reportedly quietly contacting top defense attorneys in the Philadelphia early this fall, a move that signaled that Cosby expected he could face charges in Montgomery County. Those aware of discussions Cosby's team had with area lawyers said his representatives were gauging the willingness of area attorneys to represent him.

4. What to do with Cosby's honorary degrees?: Universities in the Philadelphia area and across the country have been grappling this year with whether to revoke honorary degrees awarded to the embattled entertainer. Many revoked the degrees, while others said they were weighing what to do. Meanwhile, others said they had no plans to discuss the issue without criminal charges being filed.

5. Cosby: Accusers made up sex-assault stories: In a countersuit filed in Massachusetts earlier this month, Cosby lashed out at women who have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct and offered a glimpse at a possible defense strategy if he is criminally charged. In a court filing, Cosby's attorneys said his accusers had engaged  "in a campaign to assassinate Mr. Cosby's reputation and character by willfully, maliciously, and falsely accusing" him, and said the allegations were "nothing more than an opportunistic attempt to extract financial gain from him."