Ordering food online can be a lifesaver for college students.

And when Philadelphia students order their meals on the web, they're more likely than most to ask for special preparation requests, a new GrubHub analysis finds. The online-ordering site says it analyzed a year's worth of order data from more than 350 campuses to see which schools had the pickiest eaters.

But, those picky Philly students are at least polite: Several Philadelphia schools also ranked among the most likely to include "please" and "thank you" in the special instructions.

Here's the top 10 schools in the two categories, according to GrubHub's analysis.

Pickiest eaters (orders included the most special preparation instructions):
1. Monmouth University
2. University of Pennsylvania
3. College of New Jersey
4. Temple University
5. Drexel University
6. University of the Sciences

7. University of Michigan
8. University of North Carolina - Greensboro
9. Ramapo College
10. North Carolina A&T State University

Most polite eaters (highest percentage of orders that included "please" and "thank you"):
1. University of Pennsylvania
2. Yale University
3. Georgetown University
4. University of the Sciences
6. University of Pittsburgh Medical College
7. Loyola University Chicago
8. Tufts University
9. Columbia University
10. University of Michigan