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#PhillyFive What We're Reading: Dec. 19, 2014

What we're reading this morning.

Stories from around the Web that we're reading this morning. Something for everyone.

1Don't say the Sixers are tanking. Billy Penn's Mark Dent and Anna Orso on what it's like to work for the worst team in pro basketball.

2. The year in media corrections and other embarassments. The New York Times was red all over after running a piece about Kanye West on the fictional WGYN. And closer to home, former Daily News Editor Zack Stalberg would NEVER use the world "manure."

3. North Korea's finest hour. Politico's Michael Hirsh explains how after 60 years of trying to be taken seriously, the strangest regime on Earth finally succeeds.

4. "No more fat to cut at the IRS." The Internal Reveue Service considers a temporary shutdown after Congress slashes its budget. Because when you can afford your own helicopter or private jet, you don't have to concern yourself with schools, the poor, highways or bridges.

5. N.J. transgendered student wins battle to use boys' restroom at school. Nicquel Terry of the Asbury Park Press, reports on Rubin Smyers, a junior at Ocean County Vocational Technical School's Performing Arts. Academy.

-Sam Wood