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#PhillyFive What We're Reading: March 11, 2015

What we're reading this morning: No velodrome; CIA and Apple's secrets; spreadsheets; dying malls.

Stories from around the Web that we're reading this morning. Something for everyone.

No velodrome for South Philly. The Philadelphia Commission on Parks and Recreation put the kibosh on plans to build a bike racing stadium at FDR Park.

The CIA campaign to steal Apple's secrets. By targeting essential security keys used to encrypt data stored on Apple's devices, they sought to thwart the company's attempts to provide mobile security to hundreds of millions.

Electronic spreadsheets transformed entire industries. But its effects ran deeper than that.

Are malls in America over? Online shopping, declining retail traffic and a beleaguered middle class are hollowing out the retail sector.

This is what exercise does to your brain. There's more to its mood-boosting properties than endorphins.