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#PhillyFive What We're Reading: March 31, 2015

1.) Mayor Michael Nutter took a bold step when he ended the city's cooperation with federal immigration detention programs. Next City asks: Will the city's next mayor continue Nutter's legacy of treating immigrants as assets rather than liabilities?

2.) A local man unwittingly became part of a splintered national debate about the role of video cameras in long-term care facilities, according to a story by Public Source. That conversation includes webcams used for video calls, clocks with hidden pinhole cameras, and motion-activated cameras that broadcast live video feeds to laptops and smartphones.

3.) Who were the smartest U.S. presidents of all time, according to estimated IQs? Business Insider has a piece based on a stud by Libb Thims. The results, as they often say, will surprise you. Just be aware that they certainly didn't have IQ tests when Washington was president. So Thims had to come up with a series of measures to approximate the results.

4.) You've been hearing - or reading - a lot about the new HBO documentary on Scientology based on the book Going Clear.  Read the New Yorker's 2011 profile of author Paul Haggis. The profile was written by Lawrence Wright, who subsequently wrote Going Clear.

5.) A Collingswood man who spent 12 years in Russia has written what might seem an odd travelogue. His book, With Light Steam: Personal Journeys through the Russian Baths. The saunas, known as banya, are "magical," he says. "The banya is pure relaxation and well-being. It resets you for the week to come and helps you recover from the week that was," he tells the Courier-Post.