Kerry Gruson was a 26-year-old journalist in 1974, interviewing a Green Beret veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder when he suddenly strangled her and left her for dead in a Hawaii hotel room. On Sunday, she crossed the finish line at the Philadelphia Marathon. Read more
Prosecutors often say justice is more than putting people behind bars. Freeing people who are unjustly convicted and imprisoned is another part of the job, but it's more difficult and can take even longer. Read more
Larry Kaiser remembers the charge he got when he took over as chief of Temple University's struggling health system in 2011. "I was told in no uncertain terms by one board member that I basically had 18 months to turn it around because they didn't think we could last much longer than that," he said. Read more
If you wear it - and wear it out - Lin Tian Fu can fix it. Read more
Young adults in New Jersey are in no rush to leave home. Nearly half of the 18-to-34-year-olds in New Jersey live with their parents, the highest proportion in the nation, according to U.S. Census data for 2015. Read more