South Jersey, where the grass is greener, the temperatures are warmer, and dogs can serve on local juries. Well, kind of—enough to get a summons, anyway.

Bridgeton, NJ resident Barrett Griner found that out last week, when a jury summons arrived at his home addressed for his five-year-old German Shepherd, IV. As CBS explains:

Her name on her vet record appears the same as it does on the summons.

Her owner, Barrett Griner, received the summons on Friday. 

"But nobody in my house is named IV except the German Shepherd," he said.

However, Griner, being a reasonable man who is unfamiliar with the practice of canine-lead judicial exercises, figured out the error almost immediately. It seems that his full name is actually Barrett Griner IV, using the roman numeral for four phonetically as his dog's name, pronounced "ivy,"

The Jersey court system, for their part, says that the computer that created Griner's jury summons accidentally used the roman numeral IV for his first name. So, unfortunately, it looks like we won't see any dog-based justice any time soon.

Which, ultimately, is pretty unfortunate. After all, it'd be a little easier to get off clean with your best friend in the jury box.