There are some days when it takes everything you've got to get the images of dancing feline companions out of your head, but now, thanks to the Pennsylvania SPCA, you don't have to. Instead, plug in and indulge your cat obsession 24 hours a day from any internet-connected computer.

Dubbed the iPet Companion, the PSPCA's new online toy will allow you to interact with a room full of exceedingly adorable felines through use of a livestream that shows the shelter's cat area. PSPCA worker Sarah Eremus explains:

"They can actually use a camera to zoom in, they can pan around the room, and then with the click of a mouse, they can click on different buttons that will send signals to different toys that have been installed in the room, and those toys will start to dance around, they'll twirl, and the cats will get really excited and start to play with them." 

The idea, of course, is to give the shelter kitties the attention they need while simultaneously getting us humans interested in adopting in the first place. Beware, though—once you open up a window, it's unlikely that you'll ever be willing to close it. That goes for cat-allergic, too.

Check out the PSPCA's iPet Companion livestream here. But don't say I didn't warn you.