Usually when a fox approaches your dog in the wilderness, snapping a picture of the event would be behind, say, getting that potentially dangerous wild animal away from your beloved pet. But in Norway, this is not so.

Well, at least for photographer Torgeir Berge, who currently is living a live-action version of 'The Fox and the Hound' thanks to his dog, Tinni. It seems young Tinni inadvertently befriended a wild fox named Sniffer one day in the woods, and the relationship just never faltered from there. Even after daily contact.

Since the pair became friends, Berge has been snapping shots of Tinni and Sniffer romping around in Norway's snow-covered foliage, creating something akin to a fairytale. And, in fact, Berge is currently writing a book of fairy tales based off his dog and its furry, red friend.

Until that particular masterpiece of adorable comes out, here we have some photos to hold us over: