Following in the grand tradition of political investigative reporting, we ask the following: Is Cindy McCain being honest about her jeans size?

In the June issue of Vogue, currently on newsstands, Julia Reed writes of the Arizona senator's wife "she is a picture of calm vitality in her favorite size 0 Lucky jeans." A good friend thinks not.

McCain appears to be around 5-foot-5, a couple inches shorter than her husband, who is 5-foot-7. Featured in the same issue of Vogue is the pocket-sized Sarah Jessica Parker, also a size 0, and 5-foot-4. SJP looks to be a third smaller than McCain, and a quarter the size of everyone else.

Cindy McCain is the same woman who passed off Rachael Ray's recipes as her own. (Our feeling on that matter is, if you're going to filch recipes, copy from the best not a hack.) So is Cindy McCain telling the truth?