When we think of Atlantic City, and we do all the time, seldom do we think of Jimmy Buffett.

Clearly, we were wrong.

The Trump Marina is being sold for $316 million to a New York concern and turning into a Mrgaritaville, it was announced Thursday.

(In his typical bloviating ways, Trump announced ""It's a great deal for both of us. They're buying a wonderful building in a great location," not adding that it was the lowest performing of his three AC locations.)

Now Buffett always seemed too sunny, too Southern (born in Pacagoula, Miss.), too laid-back for an A.C. mindest.

Then again, the loud Hawaiian shirts and floppy hats will be right at home on the Boardwalk. And what's not to love about a drink with salt? When he puts in a personal appearance, perhaps Buffett can sing about a "Cheesesteak in Paradise." And his pirating can be in removing money from his customers' Hawaiian shirts.