It's now been over two weeks since the New York Times' college sports blog, The Quad, began its series profiling every single football team in Division I-A.

You had to figure they would get to Temple sooner or later, because, well, they had to. It took 15 days for the Gray Lady to get from Western Kentucky to Broad Street, where the Owls were unveiled this morning as No. 105.

Were it not for the fact that the series won't end until some time in late August, I'd consider it a good thing that it took more than two weeks of profiling football teams to get to Temple. That's certainly a sign of progress by the program.

Said progress does not, however, mean that the Owls have gained more clout when it comes to journalists getting their facts right about the team.

Of the five references the blog post makes to Temple quarterback Adam DiMichele, four are spelled incorrectly: one DeMichele and three DiMichelles. Yikes.

And consider these shots taken by the writer, Paul Myerberg. He describes Temple being "expelled" from the Big East as "the N.C.A.A. equivalent of being paddled by the principal in front of the whole school," Rather harsh, don't you think?

Then, in describing Temple's move to the Big East, Myerberg writes that "it may take years (and years, and years) of stellar play to remove the bitter taste of its drab past from the mouths of college football fans."

Nice to know people care that much, I guess? I don't think last season was that bad.

Worst of all is this: in listing the places where Owls fans "congregate" to get news and discuss their teams, there is no mention of this blog. Or anything else found on

No disrespect to the good work done by OwlScoop, but still...

I can't help noting that New York City has no I-A football team of its own, has two baseball teams with worse records than the Phillies, and has three hockey teams that did not make it as far in the playoffs as the Flyers.

There, that's better.