As Temple's football team prepares to play in its first bowl game in 30 years, I thought I'd take a look back into the archives at how the Inquirer covered the Owls' win over California in the 1979 Garden State Bowl.

The game took place on Saturday, December 16, at Giants Stadium. The Daily News didn't publish on Sundays back then either, so I only included stories from the Sunday Inquirer of December 17.

I was pretty surprised to find that one of the three writers who covered the game was Gail Shister, who went on to write a renowned television column. She was in the sports department at the time, though, and joined the legendary late columnist Frank Dolson in the press box along with Danny Robbins.

You can see pictures of the printed pages as scanned from microfilm above. It's an interesting perspective on how big the Owls' success was back then, and how the nation viewed football in this part of the country.

Click on the links below to read the stories.

Temple wins one for the East by Danny Robbins
Brotherly love - Temple's big intangible by Gail Shister
A fan club emerges by Frank Dolson