Mea culpa.

I have been told many times many people that Fran Dunphy has never lost to any of his assistants. I was as convinced that it is true as Temple fans are convinced that there is a nationwide conspiracy by the NCAA and the media to keep the Owls from being nationally prominent.

(Sorry. Had to do it.)

I found out this morning that I was wrong.

(You might be too.)

(Oops, there I go again.)

I went through the all-time results for Temple and Penn in Fran Dunphy's career to find out Dunphy's record against his three former assistants who went on to become Division I head coaches.

Cornell's Steve Donahue was at Penn from 1990 to 2000; Lafayette's Fran O'Hanlon was there from 1989 to 1995; and Howard's Gil Jackson was there from 1989 to 2005. Gordon Austin was on the bench for the one year before Donahue got to Penn, 1989-90.

Here is the complete list of results.

2009-10: None
2008-09: Temple 71 at Lafayette 55
2007-08: None
2006-07: Temple 96 vs. Lafayette 73
2005-06: Penn 105 vs. Lafayette 73; Penn 84 vs. Cornell 44; Penn 67 at Cornell 56
2004-05: Penn 85 at Lafayette 63; Penn 64 vs. Cornell 50; Penn 66 at Cornell 49
2003-04: Penn 88 vs. Lafayete 68; Penn 79 at Cornell 52; Penn 84 vs. Cornell 69
2002-03: Penn 76 at Lafayette 66; Penn 70 at Cornell 67; Penn 69 vs. Cornell 62
2001-02: Penn 75 vs. Cornell 63; Penn 78 at Cornell 53
Penn 64 vs. Cornell 49; Penn 59 at Cornell 57
1999-00: Penn 80 vs. Lafayette 76
1998-99: Penn 74 at Lafayette 62
Penn 74 vs. Lafayette 68
1996-97: Lafayette 83 vs. Penn 79 Jan. 27
1995-96: Penn 74 vs. Lafayette 57

That's right: there is one loss amid the 22 wins. I was wrong.

But I am standing by my prediction that Temple will beat Cornell without much trouble. Over the next few days, I will be posting all of my bracket predictions here on the blog. Stay tuned. I'm sure you'll find much more to criticize.