When the news broke Wednesday afternoon that Pat Summitt was stepping aside from her duties as head women's basketball coach at Tennessee, my mind flashed back to the one time in my life that I met her.

Five years ago, I traveled to Knoxville for former Inquirer writer Mel Greenberg's induction into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. The day I arrived in town, Summitt hosted a welcoming party at her beautiful home on the banks of the Tennessee River.

At one point during the evening, Summitt sat down for a video interview with me and a few other freelance writers who contributed to Mel's blog at the time.

I thought at one point that the video was lost to history, but I managed to find it in our file system. So I decided to post it here. We talked about Greenberg's importance to women's basketball, the impact of the Top 25 poll he launched in 1976, and the growth of the sport during Summitt's long tenure as a coach.