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Reports: Reynolds returning to Villanova (UPDATED)

If you are a Villanova fan, this is good news.

If you are a Villanova fan, this is good news.

At least, I would think it's good news.'s Dana O'Neil (yes, you might have heard of her) is reporting that Reynolds is "leaning towards" returning to the Wildcats for his senior season.

There's not much more detail in the story, but I would think that's enough to get people talking.

UPDATE: Yep, it got people talking. Within seconds of when this post firsst went up, blog reader and Associated Press local college hoops writer Dan Gelston pointed out his story in which those same words came out of Jay Wright's mouth on Thursday. O'Neil quoted an anonymous source in a story that was posted this afternoon.

Since I'm in no position to contest who said what to whom and when, let's give the benefit of the doubt on whether the quotes were taken from separate interviews.

Since I'm here, I might as well note another story I saw recently: the release of Delaware's non-conference men's basketball schedule.

Usually, the Blue Hens don't draw much hoops attention in the Philadelphia area. But they are playing at Villanova and Penn this coming fall, and opening the season at home against Temple as part of this year's Philly Classic.

That Penn game, according to the Wilmington News-Journal (which reported all of this), will be Nov. 21, a week before the Philly Classic. The Temple game will be Nov. 14 and the Villanova game will be Dec. 23.

Good for Delaware coach Monte Ross to schedule these games. You know he knows the Philadelphia area well from his time at St. Joe's and this will help raise the Hens' profile.

I also can't help noting that Delaware will play at Delaware State, which could be interesting even if the Hornets aren't that good. There is a lot of history between those two schools outside of sports, and on the court they haven't met in Dover since 1999.

In addition to the information about Delaware's schedule The News-Journal piece reveals that Siena and Virginia Tech will join the Blue Hens and Owls in this year's Philly Classic. I have heard some of the other teams involved, but I can't report their names quite yet. Sorry.

Regardles, it looks like this year's Philly Classic field is going to be strong.