Although I've been swamped with work all week, I couldn't let this day pass without noting Bill Conlin's

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in this morning's Daily News. While most of it deals with the Phillies and Eagles, Conlin does ask one question on behalf of the the region's hoopheads:

BC: Speaking of hoops, the Saint Joseph's Hawks have a typical overachieving squad. Are you a Phil Martelli fan?

Bard: What he [God] hath scanted men in hair, he hath given them in wit. (The Comedy of Errors)

The market research types tell me readers like light reads at lunchtime. So there you go.

I'll be back Monday for Cornell-St. Joe's. I'm not sure how much liveblogging there will be, but I'll definitely open a chat and we can have at it.

Until then, I'll be locking myself in a soundproof box so my ears can recover from attending this afternoon's Drexel-Penn women's game. It was a schoolday special and was thus watched by a thousand or so screeching 12-year-olds.