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Shakespeare on St. Joe's

Bill Conlin talks college hoops with the Bard.

Although I've been swamped with work all week, I couldn't let this day pass without noting Bill Conlin's

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in this morning's Daily News. While most of it deals with the Phillies and Eagles, Conlin does ask one question on behalf of the the region's hoopheads:

The market research types tell me readers like light reads at lunchtime. So there you go.

I'll be back Monday for Cornell-St. Joe's. I'm not sure how much liveblogging there will be, but I'll definitely open a chat and we can have at it.

Until then, I'll be locking myself in a soundproof box so my ears can recover from attending this afternoon's Drexel-Penn women's game. It was a schoolday special and was thus watched by a thousand or so screeching 12-year-olds.