Here's how our reader panel ranks the region's teams heading into tonight's big games, Minnesota at St. Joe's and Penn at Villanova.
1. Villanova, 17 points (14 first-place votes)
- "This is almost too easy. The Cats get top billing just for the sheer enjoyment of toying with the Hawklets at the Pavilion. Honestly, did anyone believe THID U had a chance against Nova Nation at the Pavilion. The rest of the Big 5 goes down in December! The Cats beat the Hawklets with 6 players. It's so good to be the King of the Holy War!" (Ralph Manoppello)
2. Temple, 33 points
3. Drexel, 54 points (1 first-place vote)
- "The way Drexel gets motivated for games against the Big 5 schools, you'd think that the actually had a chance of being included in the round robin someday." (Brian Ewart)
- "Bruiser's team gets too little respect in this poll. Just ask him, he'll tell you the same thing. Perhaps years of his complaining has finally warped my mind enough to put him in the top four. Either that, or his team is actually pretty good." (Jeff Shafer)
There were more comments filed about Drexel this week than about any other team. That says something.
4. La Salle, 78 points
5. Princeton, 83 points
6. Penn State, 91 points
- "Penn State scored 39 points against a middle of the road ACC team in the Maryland Terps." (Geoff Lane)
I'm not so sure Maryland is "middle of the road" anymore, but that was a pretty bad display by the Nittany Lions.
7. Rider, 123 points
8. Delaware, 125 points
- "Good thing the Blue Hens are finally figuring things out. A loss to Delaware State this weekend could look really bad.  Losses to MEAC teams at home don't bode well for head coaches." (Nick Catrambone)
9. Rutgers, 135 points
- "I found a way to make the Rutgers/Auburn game this weekend matter: loser trades conferences in football with Boise State next year." (Nick Catrambone)
10. Penn, 154 points
- "Gotta hope Bernardini has some more games in him like the Army game. Penn's a legit Ivy League contender when he's effective." (Nick Catrambone)
11. Lehigh, 169 points
12. Bucknell, 175 points
13. Saint Joseph's, 179 points
- "It's only a matter of time now, that the SJU alumni gets fed up of the excuses ... we're too young, too inexperienced, too tired, too skinny, had too many donuts, it was too windy, we played too many games back to back. Phil managed to recruit every D-I prospect under 150 pounds. C.J. Aikens is a powder puff in the paint. Then, just to add insult to injury, the Hawklets nearly get blown out by Princeton, more smart dudes." (Ralph Manoppello)
- "The best thing that happened to St. Joe's this week was having the Villanova student section reveal the 'Hawk Will Never Die' sign by mistake." (Kevin Gibbons)
14. Lafayette, 198 points
15. Delaware State, 207 points
- "I'm not sure which is more surprising: Delaware over ODU or Delaware State winning by 19 at Maine." (Jon Solomon)
16. Monmouth, 219 points
Comment of the week by Marshall Fleming
Saint Joe's is in such a tailspin, the fans on their message board were even talking about replacing Phil Martelli with Bruiser Flint.