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I suppose Drexel can only get so much good luck in one week. I expected the Dragons to make a big jump in the Schuylkill 16 this week, but they were already in third place last week. Drexel closed the gap on Temple (which in turn closed the gap on Villanova), but the top four teams remain in the same order as they were seven days ago.
1. Villanova, 25 points (9 first-place votes)
- "I really am going to look like a jerk for voting the 'Cats No. 1 again after that abomination of a game at Tom Gola, but they didn't lose!" (Brian Ewart)
- "Maalik Wayns is very good at basketball." (Nick Catrambone)
I believe the official phrasing is "[Insert name] is a very good basketball player." You can set your watch in Fran Dunphy's press conferences by when he says that.
2. Temple, 35 points (6 first-place votes)
- "Temple gets my No. 1 vote as they beat Georgetown and blew away Akron. Villanova is taking their easy wins and should have lost to La Salle." (Dan Loney)
- "Want to de-emphasize the whole "mid-major" stigma? Don't rush the court just because you beat a ranked Big East team. Act like you've been here before, Temple fans. Take some pride in your team, like you expected them to win. I must have missed the pregame festivities when you all smothered yourselves in weaksauce." (Daniel Simpson Day)
3. Drexel, 49 points (2 first-place votes)
- "Perhaps Brusier Flint has some dirt on Pitino and extorted the victory over the Cardinals." (Zach Klitzman)
- "Drexel's win over Louisville allows me to do something I've always dreamed of... Give them a first-place vote in the Schuylkill 16!" (Marshall Fleming)
4. La Salle, 77 points
- "La Salle SHOULD have won their game against Nova. Perhaps the basketball gods were punishing them for not being able to sell out Tom Gola Arena for the game." (Marshall Fleming)
5. Penn State, 109 points
- "The Penn State name won't hide the fact that their seven wins are all against teams with an RPI higher than 100." (Dan Loney)
6. Princeton, 114 points
7. Rutgers, 126 points
- "If the Big Ten comes calling, would Rutgers be a "Legend" or a "Leader" I suppose their basketball mediocrity is pretty legendary, and they lead the Schuylkill 16 in intra-poll losing-percentage (100%!)." (Brian Ewart)
- "I was at the Rutgers/Auburn game last Saturday. I would say its a good win for Rutgers, except for the fact that Auburn would be ranked 17th in the Schuylkill 16." (Mario Machi)
8. Rider, 138 points
9. Delaware, 147 points
- " 'All Day' Alphonso Dawson saved the day for the Blue Hens in the Route 1 Rivalry. And Bob Carpenter Arena has great funnel cakes!"
Like the curly fries at Arby's, I'll just have to take your word for it.
- "The Cornell Basketball Blog claimed that the Big Red's win over Delaware was the Ivy League's second most impressive victory. Seeing how Delaware barely is in the top half of the Schuylkill 16, I'd call that a BRF: Big Red Fib." (Zach Klitzman)
10. Penn, 163 points
- "As an alum of Penn, I'm glad Jerome Allen doesn't believe in moral victories. As someone who loves gambling, I'm glad Penn got an "immoral" victory by covering the Nova spread." (Zach Klitzman)
- "How embarrassing was it at the Palestra for a Big 5 game, Nova at Penn. Bring back the streamers and old Nova guys that truly remember how to cheer. Thumbs down to the Nova students ... no band, no streamers, no noise, lame cheerleading, no passion. You need a training class on fandom from the masters, THEM 101. Here's rule one, show up to a game, early, tuned in and ready to outcheer everyone! Find someone that has some imagination and make nasty, politically correct of course, rollouts that pack a punch." (Ralph Manopello)
11. Bucknell, 193 points
12. Lehigh, 197 points
13. Saint Joseph's, 203 points
- "I won't rip into the Hawks that much for this 5 game losing streak. I give Martelli a lot of credit for scheduling this tough.  That being said... they still stink." (Nick Catrambone)
14. Lafayette, 236 points
15. Monmouth, 244 points
- "The Monmouth Hawks had a real scheduling coup this season when they arranged back-to-back home games against Big East opponents. It's a shame they didn't schedule that for a year where they stood a chance of taking advantage of it." (Brian Ewart)
16. Delaware State, 256 points
Cabrini, no rank given
- "Those Cabrini Caviliers, led by freshman Fran Rafferty, out of Upper Merion High School. Heck, I'm pretty sure that Cabrini beats THID U." (Ralph Manopello)
Villanova football, no rank given
- "I hear that Matt Szczur can dunk, Chris Whitney would be a hard-nosed, 250lb point guard, and Norman White passed up a basketball scholarship at Monmouth. These guys might just have a chance." (Brian Ewart)
Comment of the week from Marshall Fleming
I love that we have ingrained the fact that 'Delaware Sucks' into Tannenwald's brain whenever he hears the Big Blue song. (I can't remember the actual name of it because it's just the Delaware Sucks song to us). Despite the fact that Delaware sucks though, I have to list them in the top half this week because they keep winning. I'm sure Nova will change that though.
Well, first of all, I hold no such opinion about Delaware. I did, however, note the performance of the Michigan band's "Let's Go Blue!" song in this tweet I posted at Tom Gola Arena on Sunday. The Delaware chant in question is done to the same tune in the measures after the music stops.
When the La Salle band played the song on Sunday, I momentarily thought I heard the Delaware chant from the La Salle cheerleaders. I was mistaken, but the greater point is that the chant is not just performed by Drexel fans.
I've heard it on a number of occasions at Villanova fans as well - even at basketball games. Which goes to show that Drexel and 'Nova can get along with each other after all.