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The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 7

The fur and feathers are flying ahead of the big game at the Pavilion. We'll have live updates here on; stay tuned for more information on that soon.

The fur and feathers are flying ahead of the big game at the Pavilion. We'll have live updates here on; stay tuned for more information on that soon.

1. Villanova, 26 points

- "Coach Wright did his best Jim Boeheim impression this year. Monmouth was Nova's only true road game outside Philly." (Nick Catrambone)
- "Hopefully enough Villanova students make it back from break to create a home court advantage at the Ski Lodge. Otherwise, keeping this game from being played at the Palestra will be for naught." (Joe McNamara)

2. Temple, 31 points
- "Nova's best win isn't as strong as the best two wins for Temple or Drexel's best win. They haven't given a reason to be voted #1. Give it to Temple until Thursday." (Dan Crain)
- "I guarantee that Pepe and friends will not have career shooting days like last year at Liacouras. Isn't it amazing that Pepe never found the shooting touch like he had that rainy afternoon in North Philly. Won't happen Thursday at the Ski Lodge. Corey x2, Maalik and Cheek should give Temple plenty of headaches. And Lavoy is nothing more than average in the world of big college forwards." (Ralph Manoppello)

3. Drexel, 60 points
- "Remember the days when Drexel averaged 45 points/game? Well, they just beat Niagara by 45 points." (Nick Catrambone)
- "After etching out a 45 point win over Niagra, the Dragons have proven that, while not deep, they have as talented a front seven as anyone in the Schuylkill 16. Chris Fouch has emerged as a star, while Samme Givens and Daryl McCoy have provided a strong low post presence. Jon, don't delete my comment this week." (Rob Falcone)

Fine, but only because you used the word "etching."

4. Princeton, 110 points
- "Princeton is quietly putting together a nice season so far. None of their three losses are bad at all." (Marshall Fleming)

5. Rider, 111 points
- "It's a good thing for Rider that RPI doesn't take note of mid-year player additions. Jio Fontan gets the Broncs closer to and closer to that... oh wait, they're a MAAC team? Nevermind, they'll never get an at-large." (Brian Ewart)

6. Penn State, 119 points
- "Their win at Indiana says something. I'm just not sure what it says or who it says it about." (Nick Catrambone)

7. La Salle, 128 points
- "Guess I was totally wrong about LaSalle. I thought the Explorers had more game, but I was wrong. Losing to Rider sealed that for me. Aaric Murray is a good player on an average team, at best." (Ralph Manoppello)

8. Rutgers, 136 points
- "Sunday's game against Rutgers will significantly improve Villanova's strength of schedule. I'm not sure who that says more about at this point." (Jeff Shafer)

9. Penn, 165 points

10. Delaware, 182 points

11. Bucknell, 186 points

12. Lehigh, 210 points
- "We should start handing out annual awards here. You know, Schuylkill 16 Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, that sort of thing. We can also have a Best Player from a Bottom Half S-16 Team. We give it to C.J. McCollum this year, then name it after him after he three-peats." (Nick Catrambone)

13. Saint Joseph's, 215 points
- "Win over Holy Cross?... Nat'l Championship!!! No, but really, SJU is the Big 5's Taylor Swift, full of 'talent' but a little young to salivate over right now. But once conference play starts and the A-10 tourney comes around we will have turned 18 and thus ready to break hearts and win some Grammys... THWND" (Carmelo Minniti)
- "They should schedule Saint Joe's Prep. The girls team, they might win against." (Pat Flannery)

Rest assured it's not that Pat Flannery... I could not help posting I posted this comment because the Prep doesn't exactly have a girls' basketball team.

14. Lafayette, 238 points

15. Delaware State, 263 points

16. Monmouth, 268 points

Connecticut's women's team, no rank given

"They would double the Saint Joseph's men's team. Go Geno." (Pat Flannery)

Delaware lost to Penn at the Bob Carpenter Center last week and Tannenwald reported that there were 6 students there. SIX?! REALLY?!?! On that same night, there were nearly 3 times that many DAC Packers that drove the 4.5 hours each way in the snow to see Drexel take on Syracuse.