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The Schuylkill 16 Week 6: Temple takes the top

The Owls jump over Villanova after their win this past Sunday.

Now we come to the moment you've all been waiting for: the results of this week's Schuylkill 16 poll. And by a grand total of one point, Temple has jumped over Villanova into the top spot.

Also of note, Rutgers and Rider are tied after the Scarlet Knights' 80-70 overtime win at the RAC.

1. Temple, 25 points (9 first-place votes)

- "Came up big without needing "Christmas" puns. Fernandez is making me a believer." (Rob Falcone)

- "Let's see if the Owls can continue to play at a high level when they go up against Seton Hall and Kansas in the coming weeks. Juan Fernandez is going to need some support around him." (Ryan Wixted)

- "When Mid-Majority awards you the MMBOW and you knock off the #3 team in the country, you get a #1 vote." (Brian O'Neill)

That would be Juan Fernandez, in case you haven't seen it yet.

2. Villanova, 26 points (8 first-place votes)

- "Even though they lost the head-to-head matchup I still have to put Villanova in the #1 spot. They have played a more impressive season as a whole." (Max Wheeling)

- "I seriously considered giving the top vote to Temple, but a combination of rampant homerism and a firm belief that Reggie Redding improves the team made me decide to keep Nova on top." (Brian Ewart)

3. La Salle, 60 points

- "Hung with Kansas for a while; makes you wonder what they could do with an established PG and or post player." (Rob Falcone)

4. Penn State, 77 points

- "I'm keeping Penn State tentatively at #3, but a bad loss or a good La Salle win will flip them. Big Ten schedule will tell me more about the Lions." (Brian O'Neill)

T-5. Rutgers, 109 points

T-5. Rider, 109 points

7. Saint Joseph's, 114 points

- "I cannot overlook 3-6 anymore. Frankly, 8th is probably too good for the Hawks. I keep them ahead of Princeton on strength of schedule alone." (Rob Falcone)

- "I am incapable of saying anything nice about St. Joe's. Luckily they're on a six-game losing streak, so I don't have to." (Brian Ewart)

8. Drexel, 116 points

- "I think I have been undervaluing Drexel. I was definitely weighing the SJU loss too high, and I'm going to give them a pass for Niagara considering it was an 8 a.m. game. " (Brian O'Neill)

9. Princeton, 168 points

- "Princeton gets a good chance this week to show Penn up by beating Monmouth, and by good chance I mean easy chance." (Max Wheeling)

10. Lehigh, 178 points

- "I'd write in an awful Fordham instead of Lehigh. At least Fordham managed to slay the Stony Brook Seawolf." (Brian Ewart)

11. Bucknell, 189 points

12. Lafayette, 195 points

13. Monmouth, 220 points

- "Beating Penn was a step in the right direction for a team that lost at the Palestra last year by 20." (Monmouth)

14. Delaware, 228 points

15. Delaware State, 234 points

- "At least Delaware State will always have the football memories of getting beat bad in Michigan." (Brian Ewart)

16. Penn, 265 points

Here we go...

- "Fran Dunphy leads his Temple squad to heights they have not reached in the last 5 years while Steve Bilsky and Glen Miller have dragged the Penn program down to depths not seen since the '80s. Here's hoping Bilsky does a bit better job picking a coach this time around." (Fred David)

- "With Cornell losing their core of seniors at the end of the year, it would be a logical time for Steve Donahue to make his return to coaching in the Palestra. At least Penn fans would hope." (Max Wheeling)

- "This just looks awful for Penn. Ken Pomeroy projects 3-25, and if you go game by game, he has them not winning until the home game vs. Dartmouth on March 6th." (Brian O'Neill)

- "I'm scared to see Penn vs Duke! A few years ago it would have been unthinkable for Penn to be the last team on this list to win a game. Penn vs UMBC may be an instant classic!" (Dan Henry)

- "Penn so far is in the midst of a season the likes of which haven't been seen outside of NJIT's campus. The best thing about Penn's season so far is that some casual observers still think they're Penn State." (Brian Ewart)

- "I really did like what Jerome Allen had to say in his first interview and what the players thought of him, but I'm still not feeling too confident about him already being a head coach." (Josh Wheeling)

- "Maybe if Jerome Allen could suit up instead of Darren Smith..." (Zach Klitzman)

- "Glen Miller's hopes for a 6-5000 start crash and burn as he's out without a shine on track 29" (Tim AumAn)

Okay, that's enough.