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Yet more soccer news

It's always a good day when there are two soccer stories in the Daily News.

It's always a good day when there are two soccer stories in the Daily News.

Let's start with Kerith Gabriel's report that the new stadium in Chester has paved the way for women's soccer to

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in 2010.

I'm as much a fan of the women's game as the men's game, and I used to go to Charge games often at Villanova. When the time comes for more soccer coverage on the blog, I hope to cover both genders regularly.

I've also heard rumblings that the Sons of Ben are creating a supporters' club for the women's team -- the Ladies' Auxiliary, perhaps? The Daughters of Betsy? -- which is great to hear.

The Charge drew good crowds by WUSA standards, and I'd like to think that having a supporters' club will draw in a few more of the 'traditional' soccer fans alongside the usual family demographics. I know the team in Washington had a supporters' club for a little while, and they helped stoke a good rivalry with Philadelphia.

The news is not so good for the U.S. men's national team. As Frank Bertucci writes, they've got three very challenging games coming up over the next few weeks.

The first one comes this afternoon against England at Wembley Stadium. It's one of the great soccer venues on the planet even though it's only a few years old; but then again, it's on the same ground as its legendary predecessor. Still, the venue itself is a fittingly modern home for the country that gave birth to the sport.

A week from today, it's off to Spain to face the Furia Roja in Santander. And on June 8, it's back to American shores for a glamorous showdown with Argentina at Giants Stadium.

Today's game will be broadcast on ESPN Classic, with the telecast starting at 2:50 p.m. I'll be watching at the

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in Old City; hopefully you can make it as well.