By Michael Yudell

There is so much to say about the awful tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. on Friday.

But for now, I encourage our readers to focus on those who perished. Remember their names and learn about their lives. Have their families in your thoughts.

Charlotte Bacon                                   born 02/22/06

Daniel Barden                            09/25/05

Rachel DaVino                           07/17/83

Olivia Engel                               07/18/06

Josephine Gay                           12/11/05

Ana M. Marquez-Greene              04/04/06

Dylan Hockley                            03/08/06

Dawn Hochsprung                       06/28/65

Madeleine F. Hsu                        07/10/06

Catherine V. Hubbard                  06/08/06

Chase Kowalski                          10/31/05

Jesse Lewis                                06/30/06

James Mattioli                             03/22/06

Grace McDonnell                         11/04/05

Anne Marie Murphy                      07/25/60

Emilie Parker                              05/12/06

Jack Pinto                                  05/06/06

Noah Pozner                               11/20/06

Caroline Previdi                           09/07/06

Jessica Rekos                             05/10/06

Avielle Richman                          10/17/06

Lauren Russeau                               06/82

Mary Sherlach                             02/11/56

Victoria Soto                               01/04/85

Benjamin Wheeler                       09/12/06

Allison N. Wyatt                          07/03/06

You can find video from Sunday night's memorial service here.

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