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26 names to remember from Sandy Hook

Remember their names and learn about their lives. Have their families in your thoughts.

By Michael Yudell

There is so much to say about the awful tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. on Friday.

But for now, I encourage our readers to focus on those who perished. Remember their names and learn about their lives. Have their families in your thoughts.

Charlotte Bacon                                   born 02/22/06

Daniel Barden                            09/25/05

Rachel DaVino                           07/17/83

Olivia Engel                               07/18/06

Josephine Gay                           12/11/05

Ana M. Marquez-Greene              04/04/06

Dylan Hockley                            03/08/06

Dawn Hochsprung                       06/28/65

Madeleine F. Hsu                        07/10/06

Catherine V. Hubbard                  06/08/06

Chase Kowalski                          10/31/05

Jesse Lewis                                06/30/06

James Mattioli                             03/22/06

Grace McDonnell                         11/04/05

Anne Marie Murphy                      07/25/60

Emilie Parker                              05/12/06

Jack Pinto                                  05/06/06

Noah Pozner                               11/20/06

Caroline Previdi                           09/07/06

Jessica Rekos                             05/10/06

Avielle Richman                          10/17/06

Lauren Russeau                               06/82

Mary Sherlach                             02/11/56

Victoria Soto                               01/04/85

Benjamin Wheeler                       09/12/06

Allison N. Wyatt                          07/03/06

You can find video from Sunday night's memorial service here.

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