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'Keep Climbing' . . . In the Unvaccinated, Disease-Ridden Skies?

Following the news that Delta was showing a subtle anti-vaccine video on its flights, the airline offered a half-hearted apology. As penance, we propose that Delta partner with the government to promote National Influenza Vaccination Week.

Even if you have doubts about vaccination, however, we hope that you continue to read and engage in dialog with us on vaccine-related issues. While our opinions are strong, we are sensitive to the myriad historical and personal reasons why different people come to oppose vaccination.

Paxman's office is also working with faith-based and community organizations to work to try to redress disparities in vaccination rates between racial and ethnic groups in the region.

By the way, if you like our suggested penance for Delta, let the airline know -- and send us a copy, too.

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