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Vote for our Viola!

Viola is going all out for the Hero Dog Award, and you can help her win it.

With Sparkle back in training (and no word yet from the Seeing Eye), I took a break from the blog, with a weeklong vacation and the excitement of daughter Betsy's final college selections. We took the train up to Providence earlier this week, and she has since committed to Brown! So the puppy has gone back to "college," and the puppy-raiser will soon venture forth on her higher education as well. Thank goodness I still have old Porter around!

On another happy note, my puppy-raiser friend Jordan Ortiz has entered her recently retired Seeing Eye dog, Viola, for the Hero Dog Award.  You may remember that Jordan graduated from Rowan University last year, accompanied all four years by her adorable golden retriever. Jordan also raises Seeing Eye puppies with the help of her close friend Danielle Larsen, who is legally blind but does not make use of a guide dog.

Here is an excerpt of an e-mail from Jordan:

"Viola, a retired guide dog from Seeing Eye, has been nominated for the Hero Dog award. The Hero Dog award is something that the American Humane society started.  If Viola wins the award, Seeing Eye will get 15,000 dollars! This money will be used to help train new guide dogs and to help train the new handlers.

So far, Viola has been doing really well, thanks to all the support she has been receiving! Actually, as of today Viola is first in her category!!!! So to all of you who have been voting, thanks for doing an awesome job! Every single vote counts ! 

To those of you just reading this for the first time: The Seeing Eye is an incredible organization, and they could use your help!  By voting for Viola once a day, every day, you can show your support for Seeing Eye!!

To vote for Viola, or to read her bio and find out a little more about what she's done, check out her Hero Dog profile page. On her profile you will see the button to "Vote for Viola".

You can also join her facebook group to keep track of how she's doing! Go here to see her facebook group!

Editor's note: Please vote early and often for Viola!