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Don't make me love you, private school

Dear Unnamed Private School: Please stop making me love you.

Dear Unnamed Private School,

Please stop making me love you. Really, I'm kind of committed to public school. It's free, and I'm really hoping to say "I Do" to public when my son gets to first grade, so private, could you, like, stop looking so hot?

The temptation is almost too much. I walked into your open house  hoping to hate you. Instead, I fell in love. It felt like you were inside my head when you talked about your math curriculum. You have language classes. Your students seemed like someone I'd want my son to grow up to be. And I never once worried about whether my child would be safe when he went to the bathroom there.

Of course, the vibes were good at public school, too. As Ivy Olesh, a parent who is working to improve her local public school, Chester A. Arthur Elementary, has noted, public schools have not had to market themselves. Public - maybe we need to get to know each other better. How about having some of your older children lead the tour next time and telling me more about how you teach math and reading?

Private - are you as great as your open house makes you out to be? Or are you just perfectly dressed for our first date, hiding your flaws until later?

Do you mind if I date you both for a while?