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Eagles training camp 2013: In lieu of practice notes, here are 10 random thoughts on the team

Today was basically a walk-through for the Eagles, and probably the most boring practice they've had since training camp opened. The highlight of the day, by far, was when 340 pound Clifton Geathers stood on 330 pound Isaac Sopoaga's back. Here's what that looked like:

That would be 670 pounds of man right there. There was a worm under Sopoaga. It died. The worms at the NovaCare Complex are pissed, and they released a statement. "For a decade we were an endangered species here in Philadelphia when Donovan McNabb's errant low passes wiped out more than 98% of our population," King Wormy Wormerson XII said. "We survived, rebuilt, flourished, and now these two dump trucks are suffocating us. How can a 340 pound man standing on a 330 pound man be good Sports Science?"

Yeah, so that's the kind of practice it was. Because there was so little action, I thought I'd just give 10 random thoughts on the team:

1) Drafted rookies aside, there are a number of players I had never heard of a few months ago who may make the team. I would list those players as Chris McCoy, Jake Knott, Allen Barbre, Matt Tobin, and Damion Square.

2) Rookie 5th round pick Earl Wolff has a legitimate shot at starting for this team at safety Week 1.

3) The last two Eagles drafts look like they might turn out to be great. There are a lot of players from those two drafts who have looked very good in training camp so far, most notably Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry, Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Lane Johnson, Bennie Logan, and Earl Wolff. And that doesn't even include Fletcher Cox and Bryce Brown, who have not stood out in camp, but showed that they have the potential to both be good NFL players in real games last year.

4) A number of you have asked me on Twitter what players are eligible for the practice squad. Here you go.

5) Vinny Curry played a great game last Friday. He is definitely a player to watch this Thursday against the Panthers.

6) The NFC is loaded with talented, mobile QBs like RG3, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, etc. If the Eagles are going to contend in the NFC in the near future they're going to have to deal with those kinds of QBs on defense. Thursday will be their first test against that kind of QB in Cam Newton.

7) Connor Barwin may be one of the most important players on the team. If the lose him at any point, they don't have a proven OLB who can drop into coverage. Barwin has had a great camp, but there are concerns about his drop in production from 2011 to 2012, although that was mostly in regard to sack totals. If Barwin stays healthy and has a good season, the Eagles defense may not be as bad as some people think they'll be. If he either gets hurt or doesn't play well, they're in deep trouble.

8) There are 6 Oregon players currently on the roster: Patrick Chung, Dennis Dixon, Jeff Maehl, Casey Matthews, Will Murphy, and Isaac Remington. Only one (Chung) is a lock to make the roster.

9) Whether it's Michael Vick or Nick Foles that wins the QB competition, I believe either guy will put up good numbers this season, because this new offense is going to put them in a position to make a lot of easy throws.

10) Lane Johnson's newborn baby has bigger hands than me:

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