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Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Raiders game

The Motorboatin’ Sonofabitch Award: Nick Foles

22 of 28, 406 yards, 7 TD, 0 INT, 158.3 QB rating.

Foles' numbers on the season: 74 of 118, 1028 yards, 13 TD, 0 INT, 127.4 QB rating.

Nick Foles now has the best QB rating in the NFL. Peyton Manning is second, at 119.4.

Nick Foles, you motorboatin' sonofabitch, you.

Best Halloween Costume: Charlie Brown

He went as Nick Foles' stock.

The “A Little Help from Your Friends” Award: The Offensive Line

The big uglies have gotten some criticism lately, but they were tremendous against the Raiders, too. Nick Foles wouldn't have thrown for 7 TDs if he didn't have plenty of time to throw.

The “More of This Riley Cooper, Please” Award: Riley Cooper

5 catches, 139 yards, 3 TD. And those aren't empty stats. Cooper looked impressive turning on the jets after a short throw, he went deep, and adjusted to balls in the air. He was great.

DeSean Jackson wasn't too shabby himself, for that matter. 5 catches, 150 yards, 1 TD.

On the day, Cooper and Jackson combined for 10 catches on 12 targets for 289 yards, and 4 TDs.

Best reaction by a Raider fan: This guy

(h/t @treblaw)

The “Oh Yeah, the Defense is a Lot Better Now Too” Award: Billy Davis and the Gang

Last 5 games, points allowed:

  1. Giants: 21

  2. Bucs: 20

  3. Cowboys: 17

  4. Giants: 15

  5. Raiders: 20

The “We Don’t Need No Stinking Time of Possession” Award: Chip Kelly

Time of Possession:

  1. Raiders: 37:54

  2. Eagles: 22:06


  1. Eagles: 49

  2. Raiders: 20

The "See What Happens When You Don’t Bounce Everything to the Outside?" Award: Bryce Brown

Bryce Brown came into this game with 38 rushing attempts for 98 yards, and a long rush of 9 yards.

Against the Raiders, Brown ran decisively and hit the holes that were there instead of trying to bounce everything outside. Brown had 7 carries for 54 yards, and provided an early spark before the game got out of hand.

The “Irrational Idiotic Statement from a TV Analyst” Award: Warren Sapp

During NFL Network's pregame show, Warren Sapp predicted that the Eagles would be shut out against the Raiders. The Eagles' first four drives went TD, TD, TD, TD. Some ex-players take their post-playing analyst careers seriously, because they have too much pride not to. Others just throw nonsense against the wall and hope it sticks. Warren Sapp is the latter.

The Keeping Pace Award: The rest of the NFC East

The only bummer about Sunday was that Washington and the Cowboys also won. The Eagles didn't gain any ground on either of their NFC East rivals, but they looked the most impressive of them today, by far.