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Saints head coach Sean Payton kinda called Chip Kelly fat

A lot has already been made of the difference in the Saints' play on the road and at home this season. At home, the Saints were undefeated, at 8-0. Away from the Superdome, they were 3-5, and 1-5 in their last 6 games.

And so, in sports, when you struggle at something, you do whatever you can to change up the routine, even if it's just to provide a little boost of energy, or to deflect the attention of that issue to a something sillier. For the Saints this week, according to ESPN, that meant changing up their Gatorade (they went to whatever flavor dark green is), their pregame meal (to beefy mac), and new travel sweatsuits.

When asked about size of his personal sweatsuit, Payton basically called Chip Kelly fat. He remarked, "Mine is smaller. It's smaller than Chip's, I know that."

I'm not sure why the Saints would outfit Chip with one of their sweatsuits, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is...

Ohhhhhh snap! It's on!

To be fair, Payton's words seemed like a harmless little quip, as opposed to Bruce Arians' disrepectful comments about Chip Kelly's "college offense" earlier this season. Payton certainly seems to respect what Chip Kelly has done this year, professionally.

"Every year there's an influx of new coaches," said Payton. "Every year there's an influx of new designs, and the one thing about our league is, every game is downloaded and available within basically 24-48 hours on every teams' computers. We study a lot of film looking for first downs, a lot of film just looking for a way to convert 3rd and 5. Obviously, the system he's familiar with and what he was very successful with at Oregon, he has applied to his talent in Philadelphia. I think the first sign of good coaching is taking the pieces that you have and building a system around that, and I think he's done that extremely well."

But still... He called you fat, Chip. So go beat him on Saturday.