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What they're saying about the Eagles: Week 16

It’s not so much annoying or agonizing as it is odd to see the Redskins a relevant contender. Washington has made the playoffs just twice in the past 10 years and will clinch only their sixth winning season in the last 20 if they do not lose their remaining two games

It's not so much annoying or agonizing as it is odd to see the Redskins a relevant contender. Washington has made the playoffs just twice in the past 10 years and will clinch only their sixth winning season in the last 20 if they do not lose their remaining two games. In recent offseasons, much-reviled owner Daniel Snyder has gone on spending spree after spending spree, signing guys like Albert Haynesworth to huge deals that never worked out. We've always laughed at the Giants' and Cowboys' misfortunes (and, in the Giants' case, wept at their successes), but never had to take the Redskins seriously, even with all those big signings. There was always the feeling that no matter who the Redskins threw money at, it still wouldn't help them win - something the Eagles certainly have learned. (Hopefully.)

Now, with Robert Griffin III, the Redskins are a legitimate threat. Many thought the team was crazy to surrender the bounty of picks to the Rams for the opportunity to draft Griffin - and they still may be proven so. For a franchise that has started the likes of Rex Grossman, Jason Campbell and Patrick Ramsey in the last decade, though, it's an understatement to say they were starved for any kind of potential franchise quarterback. And look where it's gotten them. What we're left with in Philadelphia is the hope that Nick Foles can prove just to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He might not even be as good as Washington's backup, Kirk Cousins - who was drafted after Foles.

Here's what they're saying about the Eagles heading into Andy Reid's final home game:

From the Philly media

Speaking of Reid's final home game: How will he be received? []

Reid deserves a civil reception Sunday, but that's all, Jack McCaffery writes:

"Reid deserves civility. That's all. He doesn't deserve to be pelted with ice, as former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson once was at the Vet. He doesn't deserve vulgarity, or nasty hand gestures. He doesn't deserve personal insults.

But utmost respect? Why?

Why does a head coach who has never shown the postgame concern for those fans or their interests enough to answer more than the occasional football question in detail deserve any more than what he had given? Why would he rate a standing ovation, or an ovation at all, when he will ultimately have failed to end the franchise's humiliating 0-since-1960 championship slump?

Why should Andy Reid leave the Linc in anything but haunting, taunting silence? Isn't that how he'd established the postgame rules — to say nothing, nothing at all?"

Kurt Coleman will return to the lineup against the Redskins, but will replace Nate Allen rather than Colt Anderson. Guess Allen will steal Todd Bowles' headset to disrupt the defensive communication from the sideline. []

How attractive is the job of coaching the Philadelphia Eagles? Birds 24/7's Tim McManus says of the potential job openings around the league after this season, the Eagles' is near the top:

"If you are looking for the "bright lights" feel, then only the Jets top the Eagles on this list. Philly also stacks up with just about anybody when it comes to personnel. I went through the roster with a trusted, longtime member of the Eagles media recently and we came away with 33 players on this team that you can make a solid argument for keeping. The same exercise on some of these other rosters would likely not generate better results." [Birds 24/7]

Nnamdi Asomugha doesn't want to be anywhere but in Philadelphia. Do the Eagles (and fans) feel the same way? []

Nick Foles took a step back against the Bengals, but his progression as an NFL quarterback is evident. [The Morning Call]

LeSean McCoy will start at running back against the Redskins. [Bleeding Green Nation]

The Eagles have yet to open contract negotiations with any of their free agents, including Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. []

Could Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter be the head coach if the Eagles intend to keep Foles? [The 700 Level]

Clay Harbor played the second half of the Bengals game with three fractured bones in his back. Needless to say, his season is over. []

With regards to where they'll pick in the NFL draft, a lot is riding on the Eagles losing out. [Bleeding Green Nation]

Cross Stanford's David Shaw off your list of potential Reid replacements. [Birds 24/7]

From the national media

Bill Barnwell defends Andy Reid's tenure with the Eagles and writes that the reason for its downfall was the underachieving free agents the team signed:

"The biggest reason why the Reid Era went down, though, was that the big-name free agents they brought in simply failed to live up to expectations. Outside of perhaps Asante Samuel, the big money the Eagles threw out in free agency at veteran superstars just didn't result in a commensurate return. Although everybody remembers the Eagles adding Terrell Owens for the 2004 season, their equally notable signing on the other side of the ball was Jevon Kearse, who never showed the burst that got him the "Freak" nickname after his 14.5-sack rookie campaign with Tennessee. Years later, when the Eagles went all-in to sign Nnamdi Asomugha and upgrade their secondary with arguably the league's best cornerback, they ended up signing a player who wasn't his old self. If Kearse is at his peak level as a pass rusher in 2004, maybe it's enough to swing the Super Bowl over to Philly's side. And if Asomugha was the shutdown cornerback the Eagles expected, maybe they produce a top-five defense and win those games against the Bills and 49ers at the beginning of last season and work their way into the playoffs. As much as Reid's time with the Eagles is associated with the lengthy tenure of McNabb at quarterback, its end will be associated with the failures of Asomugha and Vick." [Grantland]

Sources close to Michael Vick (Marcus?) say he would be willing to play for the Jets next season, so long as he's the starter. []

If Chip Kelly is the Eagles' coach next season, don't expect Nick Foles to be the starting quarterback. []

From the Washington media

Robert Griffin III appears to be ready to return against the Eagles Sunday. He's eager to face the Eagles because, duh. [Washington Post]

Cindy Boren writes that Reid could coach again immediately if he so chooses. [Washington Post]

Could this be the beginning of the Redskins' dominance in the NFC East? [Hogs Haven]

Kirk Cousins got a bad haircut. [Washington Times]

Are the Redskins the NFL's biggest surprise? Are the Eagles the league's biggest disappointment? [Washington Post]

Power Rankings

Here's where the Eagles ranked in polls of varying importance: - 30
ESPN - 29 - 29
Sports Illustrated - 29
Pro Football Talk - 28
CBS Sports - 29
FOX Sports - 27
Yahoo! Sports - 29