A miss, assist, turnover and finally, a make.
That was Allen Iverson's first few minutes back in a Sixers uniform, and each event was treated like it was the waning seconds and this early December game against the Denver Nuggets was a seventh game in April.
Greeted by ovations from more than 20,000 on hand the moment he came out to practice his shots, Iverson was every bit the rock star expected after he was signed to replace Lou Williams as point guard. He signed autographs. He blew kisses. And when he was introduced, to a deafening ovation, he dropped to his knees at center court and kissed the Sixers emblem.
The ball went into his hands almost immediately, and the decibel level went up. He drove to the basket, left the ball short, and the collective sighs seemed to pull the roof down for a moment.
When the quarter ended, Iverson's line read as follows: four points, three rebounds, two assists and two fouls.
A slow start, heh heh.