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Fans don't have to wait long to see Werth

WASHINGTON -- Jayson Werth says he has not circled his calendar for his first game against the Phillies.

"I haven't looked that far ahead," Werth said during his introductory news conference with the Washington Nationals. "I haven't looked at the schedule to see. But that's not something that's very important to me."

We looked. It's April 12 at Nationals Park, the 10th game of the season.

Werth was asked often about the Phillies, especially since his news conference came 2 hours before the Phillies introduced his close friend, Cliff Lee.

"I had a great time in Philadelphia, I really did," Werth said. "And the things we accomplished it proved it's not easy to win and we won. I take from Philadelphia a sense of accomplishment and I look back on those times they were more than happy times.

"My former teammates will be held very special to me, especially as my life and career goes on. Those are things that can't be taken away. But I'm here to start fresh and to build anew I guess you could say. And I'm on board for that and excited for the task ahead."

In Philadelphia, Lee was asked about his close relationship with Werth.

"I don't know if I can say exactly how that conversation went down here, to be honest with you," Lee said. "I know once we both got on the free agent market, we talked about trying to get on the same team. Obviously when he signed with the Nationals and I signed here, it didn't happen.

"When he found out I was coming here, he wasn't the happiest person in the world," Lee said, smiling. "I'll put it that way."