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Where's Kristen?

For months, I wondered what would come first: the baby or the budget?

Well, now I know - the baby! My Philadelphia School District coverage is going on hiatus for a few months as I become a first-time mom. (Any day!)

Never fear, though - my ace education reporter colleague Martha Woodall, who writes about charter and private schools, will take over district coverage in my absence, with guest appearances by Sue Snyder, now our higher education reporter.  Martha and Sue know the ropes - they have both distinguished themselves in the past for their city schools beat coverage.  And I'll be back in the fall, hopefully only marginally sleep deprived.

I will be following district goings-on with great interest from home this summer - the progress of this most serious budget situation, the resolution of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers' contract, continuing massive changes in our public school system, and more. I think my fingers will itch on SRC days - thank goodness I can livestream the meetings at least! - and I will resist the urge to livetweet the baby's birth. That's a promise.

Thanks for following along, now and in the future. Catch you in a few months.