After three days of makeup adjustments, wardrobe disasters and ego inflation we packed up our cameras and rolled out our clothing racks and went home.

It was a wild three days. I felt like my role was a weird cross between motivational speaker ("You look just lovely in that leopard print bikini.") and camp counselor ("Ok singles, now we're going to migrate on over to the pool for the bathing suit shots. Stick together!")

We have two celebrity sexy singles who couldn't join us in A.C. so we're photographing them this week. Otherwise we're finito. You wouldn't think organizing a photo shoot for 30 sexy singles would be so exhausting, but I had trouble staying awake on the car ride home.

Now, I've offered what little insight I could provide over these past three days but I was a lowly observer. So now I'm sending out a call to those who participated in this week's craziness to speak up! If you're sexy, and you're single and you were at the photo shoot tell us what you thought.

Dish out on whether you liked your outfits or plan on buying up every copy of the Daily News so your friends won't see your photo. (That'd help with our current financial situation...) Tell us about your photo shoot. Tell us if you met anyone. Tell us where you ranked on the sexy scale and what you thought of the whole experience.

All 30 of you have already been selected, so at this point you have nothing to lose us but readers. Send in your anecdotes/stories from the shoot to and I'll put them up here. Remember, I can't reveal your identities until your names and photos go live on the website and are published in the paper at the end of July.